Richelle Mead and Robert Jordan Write My Dream Book Life

When I first started blogging, I joined my share of blogger events. I found them to be blogosphere chain mail and eventually stopped. However, when I saw this Book Life post on Xpresso Reads, I couldn’t help myself. This is exactly what I need in my life right now. Let’s find out what my life would look like in book form!

5996153Who would be your father?

Obviously my father would be the fabulous Abe Mazur aka “Zemy.” I don’t care what kind of shady shit that guy is involved in, he’s awesome! He’s the kind of guy who holds the world in his hands without anyone knowing. There would be little I couldn’t achieve with him showing me the ropes.

11336491Who would be your mother?

This was a surprisingly hard question. I haven’t connected with many mothers. As I reflect on this, I find a lot of the mother characters that come to mind are dead… like at the beginning of the story. Zemy deserves better. I’d choose Janie Hathaway, who actually did birth a child with Zemy, but that feels like cheating. So, my choice is going to be Eugenie Markham. She takes shit from no one, which makes me think she’d be an awesome mother and would be able to see right through anything Abe tried to get passed her. Someone needs to keep that guy in his place! Plus, she has experience with um…. women’s issues…. and I feel like she’d be understanding no matter what worries or complications I might bring to the table.

84979Who would be your sister?

My sister is going to be Elizabeth Bennet. How can you not love this lady’s charming wit. She’s far better at being womanly than I am, so she has to be my older sister. I love how she examines the world around her. Born into a world that didn’t see her gender as equal, she certainly knows how to stand up to a man. She’ll stand up to anyone, as a matter of fact, that she finds disagreeable. She might describe herself as proud, but not vain. I think I’d quite like that in a sister.

6294Who would be your brother?

Obviously my brother is Howl Pendragon. Sure, he’s a bit of a selfish brat, but he’s got a big heart.  He’s like a teddy bear; I just want to hug him. I feel like we’d get along most of the time, but also squabble a bit. This might sound odd, but I like that we’d squabble. I feel like we’d both develop into better people through our little fights.

150739Where would you live?

I would live in the Enchanted Forest because there are dragons! It’s actually been a crazy long time since I read this short series. All I remember is that is was awesome, there were dragons and a female dragon was king. That stands out to me because I remember the dragon explaining that the king and queen were different jobs. Your gender didn’t matter. Your label simply matched whatever your job was.

Yeah, I defiantly need to read this series again.

893760Where would you go to school?

“The Wheel of Time turns around Tar Valon, and Tar Valon turns around the Tower.” 

Yes, I would study in Tar Valon. I don’t think in my dream book life I would be a bona-fide Aes Sedai but I would love to have free reign to study there. I feel like all the knowledge of the world, of all that has been and will be, would be stored in the walls of Tar Valon. Clearly if I were to be an Aes Sedai, I’d be brown, devoted to knowledge.

13330312What would be your fictional job?

My job would be as one of the Sailor Senshi. I can be Sailor Sun, since I don’t believe that’s taken… or Sailor Earth. Ever wonder why all the Senshi are named after planets but the protector of Earth is named for the moon?

235718Who would be your best friend?

Who better than an angel who dresses like a hobo and hangs our with demons for a friend? Obviously I’d be hanging out with Carter all day long. I can’t think of a better, snarky sidekick. The best part is, while I would feel like Carter gets me into all kinds of trouble, he’d actually be leading me down a path of righteousness. Angles have a way of doing that.

The best part of being friends with Carter, though, would be that I could use my favorite line from my favorite book series all the time: “fucking angles!”

34897Who would be your significant other?

Perrin Aybara would be my significant other (I guess that means my name is Faile in this dream world). I connected to him from the very beginning of the Wheel of Time series. He seems to have maintained his humanity better than Matt or Rand, despite his reluctance to accept his destiny. He has this strong fierceness but is also so very kind. I feel like he’d be a great supporter of my own dreams but would also need my support. I’m not looking for a hero in a significant other; I’m looking for a partner. I think Perrin would fit that need more than any other book character I’ve read of.

Clearly my dream book life is mostly a mesh of Richelle Mead and Robert Jordan novels. That makes sense since I’ve probably read more by them than any other character. Doing this exercise has made my soul ache for more books.

Mission Accomplished.

But I’m not done yet! In true chain blog fashion, I have to nominate five people. Let me see your book life, guys!

The Howling Fantogs

Millicent Nankivell

Journey of Kylie

Tammy Farrell

Create Parity

I want to know what your book life looks like! Even if I haven’t tagged you, I invite you to join. This was too fun to keep to myself ^_^


4 thoughts on “Richelle Mead and Robert Jordan Write My Dream Book Life”

  1. Oh my goodness, I didn’t even think to use Pride & Prejudice! Now I have more ideas of how to answer these questions. I’ll try to do this soon, if not today. 😀

  2. Just an FYI… the protector of the earth isn’t sailor moon, its Prince Endymion or Mamoru. Its revealed later on in the series. Sailor moon is the protector and princess of the moon just as all the sailor scouts are protectors and princesses of their planets. Prince Endymion is the prince of the earth and later revealed, the protector. And actually in the later manga series he grows to have powers like the sailor scouts, I can’t remember if that happens in the super s or stars.

    1. That right. I forgot about him because he’s not a Senshi. So, what’s so special about the Earth’s moon? Do all the other planet’s have protectors for their moons?

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