Stream of Consciousness 030

The above CD cover is for the Prince of Egypt Soundtrack


My new VivoFit is doing it’s job. I’ve read some reviews that lament how it doesn’t vibrate when the red bar appears, forcing you to look at your wrist to notice if you’ve been sedentary for too long. I personally like it this way. I suppose having a vibrate option might be nice, but I like that it doesn’t intrude during times when I can’t move, like during a meeting at work. I also love how it tracks my sleep. In fact, I love everything EXCEPT that it’s function to connect to MyFitnessPal is failing. I really hope this issue is fixed fast. So far, all I’ve found is other people complaining. I mean, I still love it… but that feature was just so nice for those few days it worked.

In other news, I bought and ate my BookIT personal pan pizza last night… which put me significantly over my calorie intake. I’ve really got to get better at my food intake. More healthy, less unhealthy. It shouldn’t be so hard.

The truth is, though, my weight has been creeping up this week. I think it might be due to muscle build, but there’s some fat in there, too. I care more about my body fat percentage than my weight. I know seeing that go down is just as much about what I eat as how often I work out. I’m starting to wonder if once or twice a week isn’t enough, though. I might have to take up running. I wonder if my special friend would be willing to use her special privileges that allow me to take the fitness class to also access a gym… it’s getting cold, after all. Also, I hate running outside…. and running in general. Yeah, we’ll see if I stick to that, if it even starts.

I renewed my blog domain this week, which means it’s been a year since I lost the “” from my URL. Maybe that’s not a super big deal, but it makes me happier. I’m even happier that I was able to use money I made on this blog to pay for it.

I continue to be impressed with the feedback I’ve been getting on my Tuesday and Thursday poll post. You guys are awesome! I’ve gotten far more participation than I expected. I might have to start doing something with that. Maybe I’ll start posting percentages here….MIOTW2

Here’s a taste of my childhood. I don’t care if you believe the story of the Prince of Egypt is based on truth or myth, it was a great movie (which I happen to have on DVD). I don’t think I will ever outgrow this song. It’s just fantastic!


You know you’re an adult when you notice life speeding up. It’s like every year after college goes by faster and faster. Is it really October? How are adults supposed to stay on top of all of this? I’m loving life all the same, though, and getting better at cleaning…. slowly. I don’t know why I associate a clean home with adulthood, but I feel like master of this skill will correlate with a master of adulthood (which probably means my home will never be 100% clean).

I finished chapter 7 and moved onto chapter 8 of what is a book of almost 20 chapters. If you didn’t hear, I found out my writing spot – the Starbucks within walking distance of my apartment – is closing at the end of this month. That, along with the weather getting colder, will probably move my writing into my apartment. I spent Friday night forming a “writing corner” for myself. Certainly I can learn to do this in my own home, right?

It seems life is determined to keep my writing inconsistent. I’m actually considering returning to writing blogs at night (but still publishing them in the morning) and spending the morning hours working on my book. That’s basically exactly what I was doing at the beginning of the year. If it works, it works, though, right?

As I begin transforming my chapter summaries into chapters, it’s painfully obvious to me that I will not be able to write a chapter per day. I mean, maybe, if I give up socializing, fitness, grocery shopping, cooking and basic hygiene, I’d be able to. There are certainly some chapters that can be written in a day, but not all. With that realization comes another. I will not be able to finish my first draft by the end of the month. That’s okay, though. My main goal was to finish the draft by the end of the year – not the end of October. I will still use NaNoWriMo to my advantage. I plan to commit to writing at least one page every day for the month of November, with a stretch goal of writing three pages every day. I think I will be able to get a lot done this way and will easily finish my first draft by the end of the year. Keep cheering me on guys. I’m in the home stretch and… well… sometimes my doubt gets the best of me. But I will push forward, anyway!

bookThanks to the wonders of Goodreads, I have numbers to share. This week, I read 98 pages from A Crown of Swords. I am on page 564 and 64% of the way through the book. I also finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (and it didn’t suck, but more on that tomorrow). Lastly, I read the first of my comics I bought last weekend – Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol. 1: Trust Me.

Ha, trust Loki. The very idea is foolish… but makes for an entertaining read ^_^

Until next week, my friends. Have a great weekend.


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