The Generational Divide on Personal Health

You may have noticed I try to pay a significant amount of attention to my health. This interest doesn’t always seem to be welcomed and actually resulted in some people accusing me of having an eating disorder (well after there period of time I actually did have an issue). As I’ve continued my journey of health and life balance, I’ve noticed a bit of a trend. Is it just me or do Millennials care a whole lot more about their health than generations before? My parents once told me they frequently split a large pizza between the two of them in their 20s without giving it a second thought. I haven’t been able to eat that much without a second thought since I was 14. Can this really be a generational thing?


11 thoughts on “The Generational Divide on Personal Health”

    1. my 19 year old brother certainly isn’t concerned about his health. But I am and I know a lot of people my age who are. Maybe it’s just the people I hang around.

      1. I don’t remember being too overwhelmingly concerned about my health at 19, but I think it’s because I was raised in an active family in which my mom always tried to get us to eat reasonably healthy. Not vegan or anything like that — but there were fruits and vegetables with every meal and we were expected to eat them. Meanwhile, my dad bicycled to and from work when he could and rode centuries when he could and did that for decades and my brother is even more physically active. So … I guess it was just ingrained in me to take care of myself. Meanwhile, I look at my kids … they haven’t figured that out yet regardless of the example I may try to set for them.

  1. Nice post, didn’t participate in the poll however…Stay wonderful and happy and healthy….don’t worry about the old folks! Lol!

  2. I looked up the nutritional value of all the restaurant around my work so if I did choose to eat out, I’d have the healthiest fast food in my area. Surprisingly, Wendy’s is on the healthier side! Just not their salads, but their burgers are pretty good for you.
    I usually get my lunch & dinner recipes from Pinterest because most of them include nutrition information. It’s a good time to be alive 🙂

    1. restaurants are hard because the thing with fewer calories isn’t always the healthiest option. I avoid eating out when I can but always try to choose a healthy option when I do.

      Pinterest is a godsend for food. I plug the recipes into MyFitnessPal and boom! Complete nutritional information.

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