Stream of Consciousness 031

The about CD cover is The Unforgiving by Within Temptation

I’m a bit busy this weekend, so I’ll make this quick.


This past Thursday, I finally hit my step goal – because it was reduced to the point I could reach it.  Also I gained weight, but it was all muscle, so I’m happy.

Bad news for you guys. I know I haven’t followed through on my Google Hangout idea. Sorry guys, but life… life is a little evil sometimes. As it is, I’m thinking of reducing how often I post throughout November to focus on NaNoWriMo. In the meantime, what I will post are interesting stories of my life. I promise it won’t all be boring bullying stories. Still, I have a lot more where The Zachery Saga came from. I’ve been itching to share these stories with you guys and NaNoWriMo just seems to be the perfect time to do so.MIOTW2

NSAA2I feel like I fail at adulthood for my inability to BS things. Is this something all adults have? It seems like a defense mechanism of sorts.

In other news, the boyfriend and I are looking at an apartment complex tomorrow, so that’s fun. Haven’t told the parents yet… but I will. I mean, it has to happen sometime.


I made some progress, but not a lot. I’m thinking of cutting down on blogging to spend that time dedicated to writing. I know I was supposed to do that before, but it was just too much. I need to really cut down. Don’t worry though, I won’t cut down for long and I’ll never be gone ^_^book

Got some good reading in but didn’t finish anything. Honestly, I had a hard time this week reading. Just too busy.

Have a great weekend, friends!


8 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 031”

  1. “Not Sucking at Adulthood” – In a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip Calvin’s dad once says, “If I knew my whole adulthood would be ad-libbed I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to grow up.” (That might not be an exact quote.)

    1. I’m not sure I qualify as a grown up yet. Assuming I would live the same life, I would have gladly rushed my first 17 years of life even more. After that… yeah, I wouldn’t mind a slow down. As it is, the opposite seems to be happening.

    1. And you know what’s crazy? I keep coming up with other blog ideas, like whole new website ideas. Sometimes I wonder…. one of these days I’m just going to drop the day job and take a chance on one of my random ideas.


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