Thoughts of New Apartments Generate New Desires

I continue to fantasize about a dream home, or at least a dream apartment. One of the things I want more than anything else is a library/office/creative space. I want this to be in one glorious room. I see nothing wrong with that. I blame Disney. They had a movie come out in 1992 where the princess was given a grand library and that has been my fairy tale dream ever since. Don’t think I leave out my boyfriend in all this. As I consider the ideal place for us to live, I try to image a place to display his action figures and our swords. I am on board with this whole home decor thing. The more people I speak about this with, the more I wonder where this feeling comes  from. Is it me? Is it a couples thing? Could it be possible I’m just being childish?



15 thoughts on “Thoughts of New Apartments Generate New Desires”

  1. I totally understand TK We live in.a very small space conscience ļog home. My office is either a beautiful small space in the loft or it is in the spare bedroom….

    We are building a garage with a separate room that over looks the woods. That is my workspace; windows, woods, cozy space.

    Dream on 🙂

  2. I’m with you on the whole library thing 😀 Keep looking. I’m sure you’ll find your dream apartment soon 😀

  3. I’m with you on the books. I simply HAVE to stay away from Barnes & Noble otherwise the books just fly from the tables into my hands, fish my credit card out of my purse, and walk themselves to my car before I even glance at them twice! Books are sneaky little suckers like that.

    but to your point, I didn’t answer the poll because I don’t think the answer is any of those things – I think that some people are just always into home decor and other people phase in and out of their interest in it. It’s just a personality thing.

      1. *best sage old woman face*

        Be prepared for a lot of “odd” things over the course of your life. Just in the last few years I am seeing people do and want things that they said (and I thought) that they would never want.

  4. I voted that it is about desiring a place to put all of the things one accumulates as that is the best fit for my answer. I think for me, I want to feel comfortable in a home that reflects and represents us as a family, our life together, things we have done, places we have been, our hobbies and our interests. I spent 17 years living with my parents in a home that reflected them and then I spent my student years in rented tenement flats where I had no control over the decor or furnishings. Therefore, when we bought our first house aged 21, we immediately set about making it reflect us as individuals and as a couple because we had not had that outlet for self-expression within our living space before.

    One of the hardest things for me being forced to rent again this past year was that I never felt like that house was home because it did not belong to me but also because it did not reflect who we were as a family. Now that we have bought our first American home, I am relishing the opportunity to update the decor (this house never left the 1970s) and make it fit our family again. Our art collection, our huge book collection, our trinkets and nick-nacks that are reminders of places and people and experiences are all the things that make statements about who we are but which also make us feel like this is our burrow where we feel comfortable and relaxed.

    1. I think that’s how I am. The things I think of are books, a writing place a video games. Those are all things important to me so it stands to reason I want them reflected in my home.

  5. I think home decor is another way of expressing ourselves. We all express ourselves in different ways, but the creative types tend to try and express themselves in any way they can–whether it be that nerdy necklace from Etsy, or by displaying action figures and books proudly. We want people to walk into our home and see a side of us we are proud of. “Welcome! This is me!”

  6. I’m on the same position about effects of media .I’m a big fan of animes and animations for so long and it totally shapes the way i live including my environment.My dream home is from a studio ghibli film ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’.It’s not possible to have one like it’s on the film of course but dreaming about it feels good.

    1. Oh man… Howl’s moving castle would be so awesome!! Sure, it’s not really possible, but I bet you could find some screen shots of the home and try to make your home look something like it.

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