Stream of Consciousness 034

BSH2I think things are moving along well, but I really need to focus on my eating. My weight and body fat percentage haven’t changed much the past couple weeks. No way that’s good. There are good things happening, though. I think I’m gaining more control over my core (though its still not that flexible and it’s near impossible for me to keep  my whole back flat on the ground in any position).

In other news, I think I complain WAY too much. I hope no one things I’m faking. There’s so much wrong with me. I should be able to move my body like a normal person,  but I can’t. It’s frustrating and I voice my frustration a lot. I really need to stop that.


On my LinkedIn, I list “idea generation” as one of my skills. It’s more than true because I have some plans on the horizon, including a new blog. Don’t worry, Chapter TK will remain live and well. This first year or so of blogging has helped me discover various passions I have as a writer. Hopefully, by the new year I will have a second blog up and possibly a third one in the future.

This is not going to be like to Google Hangout Thing (which I still kind of want to do). This is happening. Because I love writing (making YouTube videos, no so much).


My younger brother is coming to visit, which is kind of fun. He has his own place now and everything. I think I have to start treating him like an adult. What’s funny, is that he’s bringing his girlfriend which has resulted in some interesting reaction from my father. Well, it’s reaction I’m used to. I feel like I have a whole new range of topics I can talk with my brother about now. Not right now, though. I’ll let him deal with my father a little longer before I do that. It’s nothing bad. My father loves us and wants what’s best for us. Even though it’s frustrating when we disagree on what will make me happy, I know his comments (or lack there of) come from a good place.


I adore this so much. I can pick out every game. I know traffic is bad if I’m not at least half way to work by the end of this piece. It is the best thing ever. I’m not sure anything can top this, and I’ve seen Dancing Mad and The Opera live. NWA2

I did get more written this week than I have previously (which is part of the reason I haven’t been posting as much) but I didn’t get nearly as much done as I thought I would. I will not rest, though! #NaNoWriMo has only just begun and I’m staying on top of this!book

On the flip side, I didn’t get a lot read this week. The 4th Harry Potter book is dragging on me. Some interesting events just took place though (finally!), so we’ll see where it goes from here.SMO2

You may have noticed that things are changing on social media, specifically on Twitter. This is due to many things.

  • I’ve been looking up blogging advice specifically related to having more than one blog.
  • I want to share things unrelated to my blog on Twitter but don’t want to annoy people who could care less.
  • I want myself as a writer to have a separate entity from my blog.
  • I want to separate the people I follow for blogging purposes from those I follow for entertainment.

So, I changed my Twitter handle to @Chapter_TK (fitting, right?) and created a new Twitter called @VeritableTK. On this personal account, I will discuss all manner of things which don’t fit the theme of my blog. I may post nerdy things, observations about life and, every once in a blue moon, I may express my disdain and/or appreciation for companies I love.

Please, follow both of these accounts. Another will appear with any new blog I come out with, so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 034”

  1. I started a second blog on here so that I could separate out writing about my art from writing about my personal experiences as an immigrant in America. I’m running both through the same WordPress account and it’s surprisingly easy and I’m not that tech savvy.

    1. Yes. That’s really where I’m at. Except my second blog and probably my third will likely be on I have some additional blog things I want to play with that are bigger than can offer me. I’m excited, though. I’m hoping to lay the framework for the possibility of becoming a professional blogger (a long shot, I know ^_^)

    1. None of the blogs will be posted on every single day. Right now, my aim is to post twice a week on all blogs. The thing is, these are all things I write about or used to write about. So, it’s kind of like having one blog, only I’ve separated them into three categories.

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