Stream of Consciousness 036


Holidays are terrifying in terms of food. I once read that the average American gains five pounds every year. Now, I know it is natural to gain a little weight in the winter. I know I shouldn’t be a Grinch. However, keeping that weight and becoming overweight should not be normal.

Now, I am far from overweight, but I’ve noticed a few extra pound that have not been going away. I’m not going on any diet, but I am trying to pay attention to what I eat and will continue to do so throughout the holidays. Nothing is wrong with overeating on a holiday, but there is something wrong with overeating every day for a month and a half. Also, I have not one, not two, but three Thanksgivings to attend this year (the first one happening yesterday). If you count work, I actually have four. I’m not about to overeat four times in one week.


 I feel like I’m getting  better at balancing blogging, comments and reading other people’s blogs. I’m no near where I want to be, but that’s okay. The only way to get there is to make a living blogging. It’s not a goal I don’t have, but it’s not the first one on my list. The way I see it, making a living blogging is about as likely as making a living writing books. Neither are goals I am giving up on, but I’m not ignorant to my chances. We’ll see what happens at the beginning of the year with Tickled TK.


If you haven’t discovered Postmodern Jukebox, you really need to. I was first introduced to them through their version of All About That Bass and have been in love ever since. I picked Rude for this week because it has entertained me to hear this version. I didn’t know exactly what this song was about until I heard it like this. Now I just smile in the car on my way to work jamming to this ^_^

While I’m on the topic, don’t miss the bluegrass version of Anaconda by Nicki Minaj.


I’m pretty sure I’m one bad bout of road rage away from becoming a super villain. For starters, I have a nemesis. Every good villain has to have a nemesis. When my boss asked me why I was reading Harry Potter if I wasn’t enjoying the process, I had to admit… I was. Because I’m a bit of a masochist. Can you be a writer and not be? Slaving away over our work in coffee shop corners with no idea if our effort will pay off. We enjoy the process, though other people would find it miserable.

As if creating a world and having complete control over the characters in it didn’t make me villainous enough, there is the traffic to and from work. Nothing makes me hate people more than traffic. Oh my goodness!

What does comparing my real life to nerdy enemies have to do with adulthood? I’m not sure. Maybe I’m not an adult at all. ^_^

NWA2I’ve learned a hard truth this year. Creativity can’t be forced. It can certainly be nurtured and practiced, but not forced. As #NaNoWriMo has continued, this has never been more true. I have done a terrible job at writing every day this month. Given how much I usually write when I sit down, I could have finished my book by the end of the month writing every day. But I have not. This brings me to another hard truth.

At my current pace, I may not meet my writing goal. This saddens me, but won’t stop me. I’ve learned a lot about writing this year. I’m not sure I have a perfect system yet, but it looks something like this

  • Work on nothing else but the idea at hand until it’s finished.
  • have a separate note-book for unrelated ideas so you don’t lose them.
  • Some writers fly by the seat of their pants and some have to plan. I am a planner. Writing out chapter summaries first helps me avoid writer’s block.
  • The best time for me to write is between 8am and noon – which sucks because I’m usually at work.
  • Drinking coffee and smelling coffee greatly helps my writing.
  • Taking small breaks helps me write longer.
  • I need a special space in my own home to write so weather and sickness don’t stop me.
  • I’d get twice as much writing done if my boyfriend and I lived together (because I wouldn’t have to decide between hanging out with him and writing. I could do both. I could even do both at the same time!

So, will I finish this first draft this year? That’s still the goal and I am not backing down until this the first of January. However, if the first of January passes and I have not finished this draft, that is okay. Creativity cannot be forced. My goal has fueled my ambition to write from the moment I set it. No matter what, I will set a goal at the beginning of the year and use that to carry my writing adventures into the new year.


I’m still making my way through the 4th Harry Potter book, but it’s a struggle – not because I’m not enjoying it (it is getting better), but because I just don’t have the time. I really am going to become a Scrooge. This time of year is too busy and I don’t much care for it.


I always have some new ambition I’m working on. One of the reasons I established a personal Twitter account separate from my personal stuff from bloggers. It was common for blogger messages to get lost in news accounts I followed and vice versa. I’m very happy with the split and am now working on following all of my followers! I’m trying guys. I’ll get there eventually. I have more social media accounts than I had when I established my blog, so it’s a good refresher. I have to follow you all on Google+ and Instagram too!




5 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 036”

  1. The first rule of your writing system is very important. I have learned the hard way over the past few years. Too many half completed stories clutter up my mind and I find it difficult to make progress on any of them. Good luck with your novel. I think most of us writers set goals that turn out to be overly ambitious. Just re-check where you are in terms of what kind of time you have and set another goal based on how it’s gone the last few months and what else is coming up in your life in the next few months.

    1. Yep. That will be the plan. I have two notebooks, one for ideas and one for the book I am actually working on. When a new idea comes, I HAVE to get it out, but I can’t let it consume me until I finish with my original idea. It’s worked well for me so far.

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