Stream of Consciousness 037: Holiday Edition

I couldn’t let two weeks go by without writing one of these. The holidays are crazy times for me. How busy have you guys been this holiday season? There’s 24 days left of 2014; are you ready?


It’s been more than a week since I’ve been able to work out, but at least I’ve done well with my eating habits. I don’t mind going all out on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years but I can’t stuff myself every day of December.


I started testing out paid images and using them across social media. I think the initial results have been good, but now I find myself longing for even more… like a blog. I’ve looked into it, and I think I will stick with my original plan. I’ll play with with a new blog (Tickled TK) and go from there.

Someone mentioned making money blogging is really hard without selling out, getting a bunch of sponsored post and having a terrible blog. Don’t worry about Chapter or any other blog I start. That’s not an option. If I’m going to make an income blogging, it’s going to be the content I want to write about.



What? I’m an adult. I think I have to learn to keep my child at bay, actually. I was bragging about how my boyfriend and I will have to mount a shelf on our wall to display his action figures and some mounts to show off our swords on the wall. He shushed me, saying not to talk so loud; that people will judge us. Please, we were all taking about video games and having a good time. Besides, I’m super proud of this stuff, and the fact we’ll play video games “together” with two tvs in the living room. Life as a nerd is awesome and growing up is overrated (except for that part about personal responsibility. That is 100% necessary).


Remember that thing about the holidays? Yeah, so #NaNoWriMo didn’t work out well. At least I tried. I have about a third of my book left to write, but after all the research and writing the chapter summaries, I probably have most of the work done. I just need time to sit and write. Easier said than done this time of year, but I am maintaining my goal until January 1st, 2015.

That said, if I don’t complete it by then, the new goal will be before the first day of Spring – a date I will look up if necessary on the 1st of the new year.


Reading? Ha. I’m lucky this blog still lives and my laundry is clean.


I’ve explored more with Pinterest and StumbleUpon. I still can’t help but love my social media. That’s one other reason why I’d love to do nothing but blog. It’s be easier to stay on top of social media. Besides, wouldn’t it be awesome to have even more TK?


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