Stream of Consciousness 39

I was so stressed out this week, I think I was vibrating. Maybe the coffee wasn’t a good idea each morning, but the holidays are approaching and things need doing. As for Christmas decorations in my apartment…. well, maybe next year. Here’s what’s been going on with my week!


I think I might have laughed about this last week. There was no working out this week, just lots of busy work. I haven’t gained any weight, though, so that’s something. While I was cruising around StumbleUpon the other day, I came across a list of graphs on why people get fat. There are 12 graphs, but the 3rd one drew most of my interest. It showed that people gain weight during the holidays they never lose. Over the years, that all adds up. All that is to say that I’m happy to not be gaining weight, even if I can’t commit to work outs like I used to.


I took the plunge Friday night and signed up with DreamPress. The first breath of Tickled TK is almost here. Everything is running smoothly, but they don’t really do a good job of walking you through anything. Or maybe I shouldn’t have signed up at 11:30 at night. All I know, is that it has begun. I’m excited (and so is my inner nerd).


If Meghan Trainor is like her music, she and I  could be the best of friends.



That’s what adulthood feels like during the holidays.


What? January. I’m so stressed these days, I’ve just decided to wait until January. More information on this will be shared on January 1st.

bookI did read the first 5 chapters of The Ruby Circle, so that’s something, right? I actually regret leaving Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at work. I might have some free time to do reading today. It’s a big might, but at least it exist.

That’s it for now. Have a great week, guys!



14 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 39”

    1. OMG, I just looked that up and found an hour long YouTube video!!! I am so using this. I have been struggling all weekend to not think about work. I think I mostly succeeded, but now that it’s Sunday, I can feel the stress building!

      1. In a negative way I suppose since I keep skipping over it or turning the radio off all together. I liked it at first, but I think it’s over played now. I’m just done with it.

        1. They do that with songs. I rarely listen to the radio (always have my mp3 player hooked up) otherwise I feel like I’d hear the same 10 songs hundreds of times each day.

          1. That’s pretty much how it is, haha. Same things repeating all day long… and on multiple radio stations. Some of the talk radio can be very funny though. 😉

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