Was I in Over My Head?: Reflecting on 2014

On this day last year, I listed out a series of goals for 2014. I asked readers if I was over my head, but I already knew the answer. Of course I was over my head. I was so high over my head, I’m surprised I could see myself. That’s not a terrible way to be, though. When I make New Year’s ‘resolutions,’ they are more like goals. They are things I plan to work toward throughout the year. So long as there has been progress, I consider my ambitions achieved. Well, unless I put a number to the ambition. Let’s see how 2014 turned out.

Chapter TK - 2014 was a crazy year. What goals did you have for the year? Were you in over your head?

To be a better friend

I think I’ve become a better friend over 2014. As the year went by, I discovered this had two parts. The most obvious aspect of this goal was that I had to be more considerate of my friends. Sometimes, when I go to do things, like see a movie or show, I have to ask if any of my friends might like to join me. It’s not about doing this every single time. It’s about thinking of my friends, knowing the things they’d enjoy and making a point to invite them with me.

Maybe that seems obvious, but it’s an old habit of mine to assume a person does not wish to hang out with me if they don’t invite me to hang out. It’s stupid because the other person may be having the same thought.

The second part in all this was simple, but not obvious. Be myself. If I don’t feel up for going to a loud, crowded bar, I need to say that. I need to be who I am because I need my friends to know who I am, not who I think they wish I was.

Now, I’m no where near perfect, but I think I’ve made improvements in 2014, so my mission was accomplished.

To talk less and listen more

Maybe….. I’m trying to get better at this every day. I think what has improved is knowing the right time and place. There are situations where I can let my words fly and there are others where I need to be reserved. Working in my new job has done wonders for this goal. If you ask anyone at work, they’ll all tell you I’m a talker. Still, I think I’m getting better at knowing when and where it’s appropriate to say certain things.

I call this goal achieved.

To be worth more than $-20,000

This was a doomed goal from the start. Not only am I worth less than $-20,000, I am worth even less than I was this time last year! The closest I got to this goal was being worth $-35,000 for one month this year. Soon after, I bought a car that wasn’t held together by duct tape. That doomed this goal right away. I will have a similar goal to achieve in 2015, but I’ll have to modify it to fit with everything that changed in life this year.

To wake early enough to get to the coffee shop by 5 am and write until I leave for work

I actually did achieve this for the first few months of 2014. Then I got burned out and then I got laid off. My writing routine has been all over the place. The good thing is, I’ve mostly nailed down what I need to achieve my goals as a writer. More on this in my 2015 ambitions.

To have $1500 in savings

Like my other financial goal, this was a long shot from the start. Between getting laid off and buying a car, my savings account didn’t stand a chance. This good news is, it’s not dead and I have a goal for this in 2015. I feel it’s always good to make a goal on saving money. A person has to at least have an emergency fund.

To go Paleo through February

Considering I become infatuated with the vegetarian lifestyle, we can call this a failure. You can still be paleo and vegetarian, but that would be so hard. No bread, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, grain or meat? It sounds crazy hard, but also healthy. Hmmmm… maybe I need a health goal for 2015.

To read 36 books

If you ask GoodReads, I read 60 books this year. This goal had a condition, however, that only novels counted. Mangas and comics did not count toward my 36 book goal. With that in mind, we find I read all of nine books. That’s right, just nine! I read fewer books than there are months in the year. Where does a person’s time go? This will not stand in 2015!

To add something to my portfolio every week

This goal was related to my super secret goal, even though it’s something I should be doing all the time. I did manage to collect everything I had done before my current job. What hasn’t happened is the collection of everything I have done since. Believe me, I have written A LOT since. My new job keeps me on my toes. I could probably collect something every day!

In either case, I’ll have to do something with this in the future. I can’t leave my portfolio be. 2014 showed me the unexpected happens all the time. I have to be as prepared as I can be.

To clean my entire apartment every week

I’m allowed to laugh at this, too, right? I think I got better at cleaning my apartment, but it certainly did not happen every week. As I sit here, my apartment looks like Christmas threw up.

Maybe I failed at doing this every week, but I got better. That’s all I wanted.

A secret goal

Time for the reveal! Before I got laid off, I was already looking for a new job. At the time, my boyfriend had an hour commute to his job. This was taking a toll on him and he didn’t see the point of getting his own place near his current home. If he were to get his own place, he would have to move to that city an hour away.

The compromise we came up with is that I would look for a job near his job and he would look for one near mine. Whoever got the first job offer would decide where we moved. I had no luck looking for a job in his area. There just wasn’t much in my area out there. When I got laid off, I stopped that effort completely and focused on getting a job anywhere. That made my life so much easier. I didn’t even get my first unemployment check because I found a new job so fast.

There must have been a plan for us, because a few months ago, the boyfriend got a new job closer to my home than my own job is. Now, we are looking at moving in with each other once my lease expires. Life made it complicated, but the goal was achieved!


See what I mean? Clearly I was in over my head, but it was a good year. Making these ambitious goals is what keeps me moving forward. Tune in tomorrow to see what my goals for 2015 are!

Did you set goals for 2014? How did you fair during the year? Any plans for 2015?

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22 thoughts on “Was I in Over My Head?: Reflecting on 2014”

    1. Thank you very much for the support. I certainly didn’t fail in 2014. Having goals for the year helps make that possible, regardless of how well they turn out.

  1. Congratulations, TK! I never make new year’s resolutions, but I do have goals every year. Because of some unexpected twists and turns some of my aims were delayed in time, but ultimately I made it.
    Looks like 2014 was a good year for you. I think that 2015 will be even better.
    Thanks for your writing, I really enjoyed reading your posts.

    1. Thanks. I’m the same way. I think goals work better because it;s not like you have to do anything cold turkey. If you have a goal to eat healthier, but sometimes fail, you can still keep working towards that goal. If you make that your resolution and eat healthy, people have a tendency to feel like they failed and give up. So, I think goals are the way to go.

      Happy new year!

  2. Nice piece!

    I’ve spent about the last 4 weeks telling people not to make New Year Resolutions. Not a good time of year for most to be doing so says this Life Coach. I do encourage consideration over the Christmas & New Year season. Come mid January if you’re still serious about certain goals, lets talk then,

    1. Haha, because most people have given up by mid January, is that it?

      Resolutions are a big deal this time of year, but they seem to pass like any other fad more often than not.

      1. It isn’t because they gave up. It is because they got caught up in a moment and didn’t give real thought or consideration to what they wish to achieve. Or they possibly caved in or went along to appease someone who should probably be worrying about their own deficiencies first.

        Caught up in the fresh start new year lets get a new broom and sweep clean. Yeah I got an issue with the “New Boom” thingy too!

  3. Great job on what progress you’ve made. Don’t worry about shooting for lofty goals. It’s better than shooting for non-goals and getting a perfect list.

    1. Exactly. I made good enough progress. The whole point of making goals in my mind is progress. Even if I don’t meet my goal by the date I set, at least I made progress.

  4. “…it’s an old habit of mine to assume a person does not wish to hang out with me if they don’t invite me to hang out. It’s stupid because the other person may be having the same thought.” – So maddeningly true!

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