Stream of Consciousness 040

This week was still a little screwy for me, what with the holiday and all. Today is the last day before everything returns to normal. I have been busy, drunk and tired this whole week, You’d think the weekend would be a break, but I had things going on the whole time. Oh well, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Stream of Consciousness


I’m afraid to weight myself until the end of January. This past week, friend and I went to two all-you-can-eat restaurants. TWO! On top of that, I haven’t worked out the past couple weeks because I’ve been moving all over the place. Next week is the time to get going again. For January, I will still work out at my friend’s apartment complex, but the boyfriend has shown interest in rejoining our rock climbing gym. Come February, that will probably be how I get my fitness. ITB2

Tickled TK is officially live! There isn’t much on it at the moment, but it’s there. I’ve even completed the two blog posts for next week. If you have a nerdy side, please check it out. I plan to post to Tickled TK every Monday and Thursday. Chapter TK will continue to publish every Tuesday and Friday.

I have made no secret that, among other things, Tickled TK is an experiment in making money blogging about what I love. I applied for both Google AdSense and Amazon Associates already. Did you know that if you don’t make an Amazon Associates sale within 180, they remove you from the program? You can still reapply, which is nice.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried, though. I don’t plan to write many sales-like posts. I just want to write about what I love.  I figure, if someone decides they are interested in purchasing a PlayStation because of a blog I wrote, shouldn’t I get at least a few cents of credit? That’s all.

I am not selling out. Seriously. I just love blogging enough that I want this to be my everything. In order to survive, everything has to involve dollar signs.


So maybe the Twilight movies weren’t awesome, but damn did they have fantastic music!


If adulthood is defined as life moving at light speed, then I’d say I’m succeeding pretty well. Sometimes I think the holidays are God’s way of keeping us on our toes. “Oh, you thought you had it all together. Let’s throw a bunch of holidays in here with lots of dollars and long travel times. Not so organized now, are you?”

It’s okay, though. This week everything should be getting back to normal. Assuming everything ever was normal.


My novel writing took a bit of a break over December. This weekend, I started up again. As I said, I hope to have this draft finished by March 20th. Man, that still sounds so hard, but I know it can happen. It has to happen. I have to do this!


I finished the 4th Harry Potter book this week! I didn’t like it as much as the 3rd book, but that ending was dark enough that I am intrigued for the 5th books. At least it was far better than the first or second book. You should know, book reviews will no longer be posted on this blog. I’ll still be writing them, but they’ll be on Tickled TK from now on.

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