What Happened to Chapter TK?

I’m sorry if my posts have been a bit scattered lately and I promise it won’t last for longer. Here’s the short of it: remember when I wrote about moving in with my boyfriend. Well, that’s happening. In fact, it’s happening next weekend. I told the parents, everything is good and it’s time to move!

MovingThe past month has been filled with hours of packing and handling all the issues associated with moving. This is the first time I’ve ever moved with real furniture and I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out everything I need to do to make this process as simple as possible. Unfortunately, all this work has cut into my blog time. In fact, it’s cut into all my time. I haven’t played many video games, read many books or even worked on my own book for the past month. Likewise, I haven’t been able to blog much either. 

20150312_220245Posts for the rest of March are a big question mark, but rest assured that I will return. Please be patient. I’m not going anywhere ^^




21 thoughts on “What Happened to Chapter TK?”

    1. Yeah, I’m really sorry. Life has just been crazy and it seems like packing never ends. But once I’m moved, I think I’ll have more time overall. I’ll no longer have to decide between writing and being with the boyfriend.

      1. It’s okay. No need to apologize. Attend to life first and get yourself situated, then come back to WordPress. We’ll be here waiting for you anyways 🙂

  1. I have to admit, everyday that passed without a post from you I was like ??? then I remembered that bloggers have their own lives as well and decided you were probably just very busy with something 🙂 Glad to hear that things are going smoothly with your move so far and that you’ll be back to challenge thoughts and ideas soon. If nothing else, this should give you time to inventory everything you own and decide what you do and don’t need to take with you. I’ve moved 3 times now and every time I do my box piles get smaller and smaller. Have fun!!!

    1. I like to think I did a good job going through my stuff, but the boyfriend held on to a lot of stuff we don’t really need/have room for. We’re still going through some of it, but we’re mostly unpacked. It was quite the ordeal. I do not like moving.

  2. Our life has seasons and transitions are always hard, I know the feeling I have just had to move and it was a great ordeal in the process so take the time you need to finish the move then take time to take a breath and be fully in the now and keep pressing forward in this new season. Every season we go through may not be the one we like; enjoy or is pleasant – there are but a ‘season’ and this too shall pass.

  3. Good luck! My fiancé and I will be moving into our apartment in 2 months so I feel your pain, I’m starting to plan ahead now! Hope for a smooth move and to see you back soon!

  4. Ha! Your moving boxes look exactly like mine when I move. All books! Love it. Congrats on the move and so glad you won’t be going anywhere (at least as far as your blog goes)

    1. Yep! I still have boxes laying around (and the books haven’t been unppacked yet because I’m waiting on my bookcase), but I will come back! Or am back, hopefully next week.

    1. I’m honored and sorry for the silence. I’m still unpacking everything and recently have been sick. I haven’t had a fever in years, but I’ve had one the past few days. It does not provide one energy for blogging. But I will be back. I promise.

      1. No worries. I know what it’s like, I’m ill myself and my blog has been dead for a long time until recently. Get well soon! Looking forward to having you back in full form 🙂

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