Questioning Society with the Return of Chapter TK

I told you I wasn’t going to disappear from the blogosphere and that was true. I’m not quite up to snuff, yet and there are still boxes scattered about my apartment, but I am committed to my return. I’ll be posting at least once, if not more, each week for the foreseeable future. A lot has happened since I’ve been away and my brain is bursting with blog ideas. Here is just a sample of what has been on my mind this past month.

Questioning Society

Living With my Boyfriend

This was the big change last month. It was exciting and scary, but we’re making it work. I had a fever for the four days following our move and we haven’t had a free weekend since. This past weekend, my boyfriend and I spent Easter with my family, where he promptly broke his foot. We’ve learned real quick how to take care of each other, but haven’t been so quick on learning how to keep a clean home.

Blog Ideas

  • How to go from completely independent living to living and compromising with someone else.
  • How my parents’ reaction was exactly what I expected and nothing like I expected.
  • How I hate thinking “at least I’m not a lesbian” when my father reacts the way he does and why.
  • How some people are religious in the sense they truly love everyone and some are religious to keep up their image.

Epic Battles with the Nemesis

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have a nemesis. I’m not planning on saying anything about who this person is and how I encounter them, but they exist. They are the Thor to my Loki, the Goku to my Vegeta. With their existence, I am one bad chemical accident away from gaining super powers and becoming a super villain!

Blog Idea

  • The imperfection of perfection. Perfection is impossible if only because achieving perfection would make one imperfect.
  • How daily interactions with people can form your opinion of humanity, or a segment of humanity, even though those interactions represent a small percentage of the human race.
  • Why we must do all we can to avoid hate, even towards the worst people, because hate destroys us.

In The News

There have been a lot of events in the news and, as always, I have an opinions. Planes have crashed, people have died and stupid laws have been passed. Here are some thoughts I’ve had as I listened to NPR and read Jezebel for the past month.

Blog Ideas

  • A grandmother grotesquely murdered her infant grandchild when it wouldn’t stop crying. What motivates people to commit such horrendous acts?
  • A plan crashed into the mountains in an apparent suicide by one of the pilots. Now, people are debating mental health and medical privacy laws, but I don’t think there is any medical privacy policy that would have prevented something like this from happening.
  • I find I actually agree with many Republican ideas about the economy. Sometimes, I am almost swayed, then they try to control my personal life and I see the light.

I have many additional ideas and I am starting to fear my head will pop off if I don’t release some of them. I have to write and I have to share my thoughts on this blog. There is a lot coming to ChapterTK, so be sure to come back every week. It’s time to bring back the discussions and start questioning the good, bad and odd in our society.

P.S. This isn’t super important, but I thought I’d let you know that today is my birthday. I’m officially a quarter of a century old! Yay!

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22 thoughts on “Questioning Society with the Return of Chapter TK”

  1. “How some people are religious in the sense they truly love everyone and some are religious to keep up their image.”

    That topic sounds interesting! I have noticed that people claim to be of religion they don’t follow at all just to be respected by others. Is that what you mean?

    1. This is based on my family. One side seems obsessed with the image of religion and makes a big deal about things like dress, showing up for church (but not the “drunkard’s mass, ” as it’s called) and having the appearance of perfection (an appearance I shattered when I moved in with my boyfriend). The other side of the family is open and accepting. Some people don’t go to church, some do. Some have children out of wedlock, some don’t. Some believe in marriage, some don’t. But they all get together and there’s very little talk about being a disgrace to the family for some imperfection or difference in belief. I think it’s interesting how both sides of my family ate intensely Catholic and yet so different.

      1. I can tell you from my experience that a lot of protestants are very obsessed with image as well. I think you did well by moving in with your boyfriend. I like it when people are broken out of their illusions of perfection.

  2. It seems like a really exciting plan. 🙂 So fingers crossed. And Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! Turning 25 is totally super important! Cheaper car insurance and cake! I can’t wait to see which topic you pick to discuss first since I think they all sound interesting. Since you’re living with your boyfriend now, as someone who’s been living with their boyfriend for 3 years I’d like to give you the advice I give everyone else I know when they start living with their SO. If and when you find yourselves arguing or fighting over something, always try to find common ground. No matter how angry you may be there is always something you can agree on. Even if it’s agreeing to disagree.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I think we’ll be okay. We’ve already been through a bit of a rough patch, what with my being sick, his broken foot and the rudeness of my father. We’ll make it through.

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