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Are There Issues for Men’s Rights Activists?

“I don’t like the way men are portrayed in that movie,” said my boyfriend when I asked if he wanted to see 50 Shades of Grey this weekend. His response surprised me for two reasons. 1) He has read all the Twilight books, seen all the movies and enjoyed them all. I think he enjoyed them more than I did. 2) When was the last time you heard a man complain about how they are portrayed in media? It’s been a rarity in my life, for sure. In a way, I like that this was his response and that he was offended by the idea that the most desirable men are aloof and sex obsessed.

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The Boy Next Door: Thriller or Victim Blaming?

Have you guys tired of my posts on alleged attacks against the family. While I have a handful left, I’m going to take a bit of a break to focus on some other topics that have been on my mind lately. The Boy Next Door has gotten a lot of publicity lately, given its release date was this past Friday. This movie focuses on a sexual experience an adult woman has with a 17-year-old boy, whose age she presumably did not know until she sees him show up in her class. This boy has recently moved next door, hence the name of the movie. Am I alone in feeling something a bit off about this? Nothing I have seen so far speaks of controversy or drama surrounding the movie, but I have a major problem. From what I’ve seen so far, this movie victim blames the 17-year-old boy for his seducing ways, playing the woman as the actual victim. Um, WHAT!?

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Questioning My Identity as a Feminist

I’m not sure a person must feel offended or discriminated against to join a movement. This seems obvious in that I support LGBT equality. Yet, I’ve been reflecting lately on my identification as a feminist. Maybe it’s that I have seen enough people complain that feminist are little more than scared, bitter, angry women, but I have found myself wondering in what ways I have been targeted or discriminated against for my gender. Where has the world not only wronged my gender, but myself? Do I need to be wronged in order to identify as feminist?

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Voices of Women Silenced By Internet Trolls

As common users of the internet know well, every once in a while there is a picture, gif or video that shakes up the online world. Sometimes it’s light-hearted, like a grumpy cat or success kid meme. Other times, things get serious. Two such examples are the videos by Anita Sarkeesian on female tropes in video games and the street harassment video, featuring actress Shoshana Roberts. Honestly, I was excited when these videos made heads turn. Finally, we can have this very necessary discussion on sexism in our culture. Finally, women can feel welcome to share their experiences and join a public discussion on how they are made to feel on a daily basis. Perhaps most important, finally women can be threatened with rape and murder when they dare to speak their minds.

Wait, what?

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