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Should Dr. Oz be Removed from His Position as Professor of Surgery at Columbia University?

Dr. Oz has come under fire, recently, with a number of doctors trying to have him removed from his position as professor of surgery at Columbia University. From what I can tell, they claim his show promotes scientifically disproven and unproven methods to gain better health. From what I have heard of Dr. Oz’s rebuttal, he says his show is about hope and about explore all the different ideas in health. It is not strictly a medical show. This has me again thinking about health, which is a dangerous thing when you think about it. People discuss health like religion, holding fast to their belief and becoming easily offended when confronted.

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Am I in Over My Head? Ambitions of 2015

Can you believe it is already the first of 2015? This is what happens when you grow up, isn’t it? Life just speeds by at ever-increasing velocity. That’s why I find it so important to set goals at the beginning of each year. Some people hate New Year’s resolutions. Statistically, most people will drop their resolutions before the end of the month. When I start a new year, I don’t really set resolutions. I set ambitions. These are goals that have grown out of my achievements in 2014. They relate to great dreams I have, such as writing a novel and growing my blogging life. There are the old standby goals relating to finances and fitness. I don’t care if those are stereotypes. They are parts of life I take seriously. By setting these goals, I get myself closer to my dreams, even if I don’t achieve them in the new year.

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Was I in Over My Head?: Reflecting on 2014

On this day last year, I listed out a series of goals for 2014. I asked readers if I was over my head, but I already knew the answer. Of course I was over my head. I was so high over my head, I’m surprised I could see myself. That’s not a terrible way to be, though. When I make New Year’s ‘resolutions,’ they are more like goals. They are things I plan to work toward throughout the year. So long as there has been progress, I consider my ambitions achieved. Well, unless I put a number to the ambition. Let’s see how 2014 turned out.

Chapter TK - 2014 was a crazy year. What goals did you have for the year? Were you in over your head?

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The Generational Divide on Personal Health

You may have noticed I try to pay a significant amount of attention to my health. This interest doesn’t always seem to be welcomed and actually resulted in some people accusing me of having an eating disorder (well after there period of time I actually did have an issue). As I’ve continued my journey of health and life balance, I’ve noticed a bit of a trend. Is it just me or do Millennials care a whole lot more about their health than generations before? My parents once told me they frequently split a large pizza between the two of them in their 20s without giving it a second thought. I haven’t been able to eat that much without a second thought since I was 14. Can this really be a generational thing? Continue reading The Generational Divide on Personal Health

Being “Mostly Vegetarian” and the Logic of Adopting Labels

Earlier in the year, I decided to become “Vegetarian.” I’m not here to debate the pros in cons of that. The truth is, this habit came the way most health-related things come to me. I heard about it, did some research and decided it was worth a try. Sometimes, my experiments putter out, like that month I tried Insanity. Other times they stick. That’s where I am with vegetarianism. Continue reading Being “Mostly Vegetarian” and the Logic of Adopting Labels