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What Should you do when Opportunity Knocks?

Less than a year ago, I was laid off from what had turned into a dead end job. I once thought I would help create a whole department for the company, but the funding and attention wasn’t there. Eventually, the funding wasn’t even there for me. I found a new job in less than a year and again, I had the same dreams. Finally, here was a place in which I could grow a whole marketing team. Unfortunately, this job came with its own instability. Unlike the previous position, it directly threatened me and no one else. Loving the job, not wanting to leave, I put my name out there just in case. Then, opportunity came knocking.

I have never been one to refuse an opportunity. Always, I have embraced the idea that chasing dreams is the best way to live. Knowing what makes you happy, what you want and then going for those things is always best. So, when my name snagged an opportunity, an opportunity that came with co-workers I already knew, a significantly higher salary, a shorter commute, greater control over my projects, the absence of toxic people AND the distant hope that I could help build a marketing team, how could I say no?

By the time you read this, I will be employed by that opportunity. A part of me wonders what my old coworkers think. Was it for the money? Was it loyalty? Was something too strict or someone too mean?

The truth is none of those things. The truth is that I came upon an opportunity I couldn’t refuse, that offered me the chance to spread my wings further and advance in my career. You always take a chance when changing jobs, but I felt this was a chance I had to take. In a way, the option to stay included larger risks. Would my intuition be right and the instability land me where I was a year ago? Would my salary remain the same even as the department grew? Would traffic get worse and worse on the highway? Would I ever be able to do anything without fighting a battle?

I once heard millennials are less loyal than before. They say my generation will have five different careers in their lifetime – not just jobs, whole careers! The days where a person worked at a company for decades, until the day they retire, are gone. Until this very moment, I thought myself the opposite. I would love to work at the same company for decades. That’s still true, but I also know what I want. I answer opportunity with a courageous “yes!” I do all this, in the hopes that I will find that job I can settle into. And by settle, I mean the job where I can grow my career, taking me to greater and greater heights.

You could say I’ve always been this ambitious. I’ve worried I’m too ambitious and then quickly been told never to lose this quality. Indeed, my ambition is what allows me to chase down every crazy idea that comes into my head and to try new things. Is it even possible to be too ambitious?

I’m sure Icarus knows the answer to that question all too well.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little afraid of melting my wings, yet, I’ve felt this way about every change in life. In the end, I say you should always go for every opportunity that knocks so long as it is truly an opportunity. Make sure everything feels right, consider where you are and where an alleged opportunity will take you. If all signs say go, grab the bull by the horns! Life waits for no one and dreams are only achieved when you’re willing to take a chance.

Have you ever taken an opportunity despite fears or worries? How did that work out for you? When it comes to your career, what would you do if another company offered to hire you in a position with more responsibility and with a higher salary? Would you take the chance?


Pointlessness of Lamenting of Old Age

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Misguided Struggle for Societal-Defined Perfection

“They do that because society tells them that’s how they achieve success.”

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The Purpose of Prioritization

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