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Are there Standard Procedures for Romantic Relationships?

When I wrote about How to Tell Your Catholic Parents you’re Moving in with your Boyfriend last week, a commenter who disagreed with my decision suggested every relationship, no matter how unique, must go through “standard procedures.” He was respectful in his disagreement and this post is in no way intended to bash or disrespect him. It’s just that his words made me think. Are there indeed standard procedures that every relationship must have and, if so, what are they?

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Attacks Against the Family: Divorce

Next in my series on alleged violent attacks against the family is divorce and remarriage. This has been a hard one to wait for because I really wanted to touch on this in previous post. Divorce often leads to single parent families, after all. Some say cohabitation increases the odds of divorce, but all lot of people commented on that post saying it was a good idea to live with a lover before marriage. At the end of the day, divorce is never really a good thing, but is it a thing to be condemned?

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Waiting For Your Boyfriend to Marry You

For all my talk of avoiding young marriage, I’m fast reaching an age where that remains irrelevant to my situation. Next year, I will turn 25, effectively completing a fourth of my life. Saying I’m avoiding young marriage is hard to say when you’re not that young anymore. So why do I remain unmarried, especially after being with my boyfriend for nearly 6 years? How can I remain unbothered when I really do wish to be married some day?

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The Logic of Avoiding Young Marriage

After five and a half years of dating, it’s hard to avoid the subject of marriage. I admit, we bring it up among ourselves enough. We actually already have names for our first girl and boy (although we have no idea if kids are a thing we want). My parents have been very patient, hardly saying a word. This last time they were around was the biggest hint they’ve ever given us. Talking with distant relatives, one asked how long we’ve dated. After we gave our answer, eyebrows rose and my dad said something along the lines of “I know. Most people are… you know… by now.”

Chapter TK - Getting married just because you've been dating a while isn't good enough. There's logic to avoiding young marriage

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Loving Relationships Survive like Religions

Back in my days as a self-proclaimed dating expert (an experience I plan to reflect on this Friday), I wrote a post that has stuck with me through the years on relationships and religion. This particular article focused on how these two seemingly separate aspects of life are in fact very similar. They survive and die based on the same logic. When you think about it, it’s really quite intriguing. No wonder they say God is Love. I promise I’m not crazy. Let me explain. Continue reading Loving Relationships Survive like Religions