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Are there Standard Procedures for Romantic Relationships?

When I wrote about How to Tell Your Catholic Parents you’re Moving in with your Boyfriend last week, a commenter who disagreed with my decision suggested every relationship, no matter how unique, must go through “standard procedures.” He was respectful in his disagreement and this post is in no way intended to bash or disrespect him. It’s just that his words made me think. Are there indeed standard procedures that every relationship must have and, if so, what are they?

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How to Tell Catholic Parents You’re Moving in with Your Bofriend

Oh the joys of having well-meaning Catholic parents. I don’t have a problem with religion or parents trying to do what’s best for their child. Yet, every child reaches an age where they start to make their own decisions. Once you become a legal adult, move out of your parents house and experience the world, you may find yourself with opinions different from your parents. Cohabitation is strongly frowned upon in the Catholic church and for some reason the church likes to complain about that more than the number of homeless, sick and suffering. I’m not hear to judge though, I’m here to tell you what happened when I told my parents I was moving in with my boyfriend. Believe me, I Googled for advice when I first made this decision and I would like to add my two cents. Maybe my experience can give you some good ideas on how to tell your Catholic parents you want to move in with your boyfriend.

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Questioning Society with the Return of Chapter TK

I told you I wasn’t going to disappear from the blogosphere and that was true. I’m not quite up to snuff, yet and there are still boxes scattered about my apartment, but I am committed to my return. I’ll be posting at least once, if not more, each week for the foreseeable future. A lot has happened since I’ve been away and my brain is bursting with blog ideas. Here is just a sample of what has been on my mind this past month.

Questioning Society

Living With my Boyfriend

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The Boy Next Door: Thriller or Victim Blaming?

Have you guys tired of my posts on alleged attacks against the family. While I have a handful left, I’m going to take a bit of a break to focus on some other topics that have been on my mind lately. The Boy Next Door has gotten a lot of publicity lately, given its release date was this past Friday. This movie focuses on a sexual experience an adult woman has with a 17-year-old boy, whose age she presumably did not know until she sees him show up in her class. This boy has recently moved next door, hence the name of the movie. Am I alone in feeling something a bit off about this? Nothing I have seen so far speaks of controversy or drama surrounding the movie, but I have a major problem. From what I’ve seen so far, this movie victim blames the 17-year-old boy for his seducing ways, playing the woman as the actual victim. Um, WHAT!?

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Attacks Against the Family: Divorce

Next in my series on alleged violent attacks against the family is divorce and remarriage. This has been a hard one to wait for because I really wanted to touch on this in previous post. Divorce often leads to single parent families, after all. Some say cohabitation increases the odds of divorce, but all lot of people commented on that post saying it was a good idea to live with a lover before marriage. At the end of the day, divorce is never really a good thing, but is it a thing to be condemned?

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