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Police Violence: What Crimes Deserve the ‘Death Penalty’?

At what point has someone committed an act so heinous that they deserve the death penalty? Is it when they set off bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, or when they run from the police officer that just pulled them over? Over the past few months and longer, there has been a lot on the news about police officers using excessive force that ends up killing an American citizen. Recently, there was an event where a cop, perused a man who ran from a car he pulled over, shot him multiple times in the back and then planted a taser on him so he could claim he feared for his life. People are saying that, if someone hadn’t been recording this event, the cop would have gotten away with it. I actually wonder if that was the nail in this guy’s coffin. Even with a camera recording, could he have gotten away with it if only he didn’t illegally plant evidence?

Police Violence Continue reading Police Violence: What Crimes Deserve the ‘Death Penalty’?


Are We Too Hard on Racists?

Once upon a time, a college TK sat in a class called African-Americans in the Media. This classroom was one of few where at least half the class was made up of people whose ethnicity was different from mine. It was a far different environment than the high school I came from, where I could count the non-white children in my whole school on one hand. Always an opinionated person, I had a comment about the subject at hand. When called on, I voiced that thought using the term “colored people.” Continue reading Are We Too Hard on Racists?

How Much Do you Fear Police?

Confessions: Cops terrify me. Some of you may be rolling your eyes at me right now as, in my 24 years of life, I’ve only gotten pulled over once (and it wasn’t even my fault). Nonetheless, police are scary people to me. If I happen to have one behind me while I’m driving, my heart starts racing. I start double checking that I’m doing everything right and start to second guess where my registration is. These stories we’ve heard recently have not been helping anything. For me, it all comes down to the power cops have over the public. If a cop is doing something wrong or illegal to you, there is nothing you can do in the moment. All you can do is report them after the offense or attack has happened. While I’m sure the majority of cops don’t act that way towards the public, I can’t shake this fear. Now, I’m starting to wonder, is this fear irrational? How many share my fear? Continue reading How Much Do you Fear Police?

Violence and Stereotypes of Women in Video Games

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During one of our frequent conversations on Facebook, Nerd of the Sands made me aware of the latest video by Anita Sarkeesian on female tropes in video games. As a female gamer, I have always enjoyed her videos. Women make up 48% of habitual gamers and it’s ridiculous to me that there is still so much animosity towards women in the industry. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard from female gamers and especially from women aiming for a career in video game development. Even without those stories, you need look no further than the comments Sarkeesian gets on her videos to see what a loud minority of gamers think about women. With all that said, I couldn’t make it through Sarkeesian’s latest video. Continue reading Violence and Stereotypes of Women in Video Games

Dating Red Flags: Recognizing the Potential Abuser

My Dating Red Flags series of the past few weeks was aimed at showing people the often subtle warning signs of an abusive relationship using my experience. While I didn’t face any physical violence outside of unwanted groping and gripping, I still consider what I experienced to be abuse on the mental level. The blogs I wrote were primarily aimed at warning signs for girls, but that has me wondering, what about the boys? Continue reading Dating Red Flags: Recognizing the Potential Abuser