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Captured here are the rare moments of brilliance that find their way to my blog.

A friend took this photo of me and shared it on Facebook

Humans are meant to struggle. We’re meant to face challenges; it’s how we grow. Interesting how, even though challenges are so important to the happiness of many, we often avoid them in this world. If we want, we can huddle in our home, work remotely, buy groceries off the internet and never step outside. We can be perfectly safe, but does that allow us to be free?

Saving Oneself Isn’t Always a Powerful Sentiment, 08/06/2014

Life is many things, but it all comes down to our ability to make a difference and leave our imprint on this world. Whether that mark is transcribed in a blog or in the hearts of those who happen to encounter us, that is the purpose that moves us forward.

– Searching For Meaning in Life’s Pandemonium, 06/04/2014

Not only do I hate pretending to be something I’m not, I hate the idea that anyone else would feel they need to hide.

– Facade: The Pain of Pretending, 04/09/2014

What made me realize the pointlessness of perfection was the utter sadness that would follow.

– Wealthy, Posh & Bored…REALLY???, 01/15/2014

It starts with the morning, lubricated by caffeine and given form with pen and paper.

Writer Quirks, 01/03/2014

Step one in my plan for world domination: create a facade of innocence.

Journey Through Remnants of Nature’s Assault comments, 01/03/2014

 It’s never too early to do things, but it can often be too late to do things.

Journey Through Remnants of Nature’s Assault comments, 01/03/2014


33 thoughts on “TK Says”

  1. “Step one in my plan for world domination: create a façade of innocence”

    Every time I read that I crack up. It reminds me of something Cartman from South Park would say or something Brain might say from Pinky & the Brain 😀

  2. TK…thanks for stopping by my blog Incidental Thinking today! I’m glad it gave me the opportunity to find you. I think you are wise beyond (way beyond) your years. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  3. Read several of your posts and like that even though you live in urban America, your roots are still firmly planted in rural America (yes, no matter where you are from in Iowa, it is rural.) At 17, I could not wait to get out of Iowa. At 50, I could not wait to get back.

    As for the post on worry, worry is nothing more than the fear of possible outcomes of events not yet happened with the most probable positive outcome not considered.

    The Rural Iowegian

    1. My dad says I’ll come crawling back, but I’m pretty happy where I am. I have no idea what I’ll want when I’m 50, but the world is my oyster. If I want to go back, I;m sure I can.

      1. I think there is a sense of adventure in everyone. Some sail off to see where the adventure takes them, others stay at home dreaming about the adventure. Someday, you’ll either sail back into the port where you started happy to be home, dream of that home port while you are too firmly anchored in another, or just keep sailing looking for another adventure. Wherever the winds of your adventure take you, I hope you have fair winds and following seas.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Mast Musings. I’ve been sampling your blog and I’ve like what I’ve read! Love your “rare moments of brilliance” above! Especially, “Life is many things, but it all comes down to our ability to make a difference and leave our imprint on this world.” Exactly! Thanks!

  5. Thank you for stopping by.
    Reading through these “rare moments of brilliance” has enticed me to binge read your entire blog. It is truly brilliant and extremely insightful. Looking forward to reading through your ideas.
    Your words are beautifully eloquent and I think I am hooked.
    So thanks again, and have a great day!

  6. Before me there are numerous people admired your blog, appreciated your writing; so, I don’t want to say or write anything about it!
    Proven matters are never meant to be repeated!
    What I want to say “KEEP IT UP”.
    “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive”.-Andy Grove

  7. Chapter TK! I’m wondering if you can spare some time to answer some questions about the writing/editing internship for my Technical Writing project. Can you?

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